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Seminars in New Zealand
In December the Icelandic Horse Association in New Zealand, IceHNZ, was lucky to have Silke Feuchthofen (FEIF breeding, FEIF...

IceHorse Berlin 2017
100 participants are expected from February 25-26 at the IceHorse Berlin 2017 in the Horst-Dohm-Stadium in Berlin.

FEIF Trainer of the Year 2016 Voting
Vote now! Voting has begun and we are excited to announce the nominees for the Trainer/Instructor of the Year 2016! Voting...

EHN Newsletter on Legal Matters
The European Horse Network (EHN) published the second newsletter on legal issues.

FEIF virtual ride Out to Oirschot
The monthly km ridden towards the venue of the next World Championships for Icelandic horses have just been published here.

Landsmot videos in WorldFengur
The perfect christmas gift for all enthusiasts of the Icelandic horse! The horse associations in Iceland and WorldFengur now...

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