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Ursula Bruns
With great sadness we heard of the death of Ursula Bruns (September 1922 - April 2016).

May 1 - International Day of the Icelandic horse
The Icelandic Equestrian Association in cooperation with the marketing initiative Horses of Iceland collaborate on a weekend...

FEIF Young Leaders' Event
FEIF Young Leaders is a new initiative run by the FEIF Youth Department.

WorldRanking: IJRN International in Exloo (NL) cancelled
FEIF The WorldRanking Event IJRN International, scheduled 13-15 May 2016, organised by IJsland Rijders Noord in Exloo (NL) has...

FEIF YouthCup 2016
All allocated places for the FEIF YouthCup in July 2016 have now been confirmed.

Update - FEIF virtual ride 'Home to Hólar'
About 120 riders from all over the world (Europe, North America Australia and NZ) are still making their way to Landsmót in...

Deutsche Jugend Islandpferdemeisterschaft in Kaufungen (DE) no longer WorldRanking Event
FEIF The event Deutsche Jugend Islandpferdemeisterschaft in Kaufungen (DE), scheduled 26-30 July 2016, will no longer be a...

FEIF Breeding Horse Trainer seminar 2016
The 6th FEIF seminar for breeding horse trainers at Skeiðvellir, Iceland, took place with a group of 22 very talented riders...

WorldFengur Report 2015
FEIF WorldFengur's Annual Report 2015 has been published on the WF website and is now available to everyone interested.

EHN Newsletter on legal matters
The European Horse Network (EHN) started to publish a quarterly newsletter on legal issues.

WorldRanking Events 2016
FEIF A total of 77 WorldRanking events have been registered in 11 countries.

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