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An essential aim of our work is the mutual acknowledgement of equal riding instructor and horse trainer qualifications by the FEIF member countries. Therefore the FEIF trainer/instructor matrix was developed by the FEIF Education Committee. The matrix agreement was signed at the FEIF conference in Amsterdam in Februay 2006 by the member associations from: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Slovenia followed in April 2006, Iceland in February 2007, Canada in 2009.

FEIF has developed a matrix that maps riding instructor competences to three levels of qualification that is used to  enable the comparison of national qualifications.  Above the lowest level of the matrix, riding instructor competences include horse trainer skills.  National associations are responsible for deciding how their qualifications map on to the matrix.

The FEIF Register of Recognised Trainers/Instructors now includes about 900 trainers/instructors Level 1, about 400 Level 2 and about 210 Level 3 from countries like Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The register contains names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and (when available) web sites of the trainers/instructors.  Follow the links below to find qualified riding instructors in your country:

Some National Associations also issue qualifications for horse trainers: Young Horse Trainer qualification and Advanced Horse Trainer qualification. Please remember that the Matrix requires all Riding Instructors at Level 2 and above to have horse training competences (without specific license). This again depends on the individual educational system structure of the FEIF member association.  . 



World Championships 2017 Final Breeding Jury
FEIF The final breeding jury for the World Championships 2017 will be:
Þorvaldur Kristjánsson
Marlise Grimm

Team Iceland
The Icelandic team will be represented at the World Championships by the following rider/horse combinations.

Team Finland
Finland will be represented by the following sport and breeding combinations:
Annika Kyrklund with Jara frá...

Team Belgium
The following combinations will represent Belgium at the World Championships 2017:
Cecile Jacobs (Young...

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Team Denmark
The members of the Danish team at the World Championships 2017 will be.

Team Sweden
Sweden will be represented by the following riders and horses at the World Championships 2017:
Defending World...

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