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'Landsmót' is the Icelandic name for the biannual National Horse Show of Iceland, organized in the even years. All of Iceland’s best horses and riders gather there to compete in various disciplines and breeding classes. It is an event like no other and the atmosphere is unique, with guests from all over the world sharing their common enthusiasm for the Icelandic horse.


At Landsmót you will see all the best horses in Iceland, in different types of competition, the classic Icelandic gaedingakeppni, tölt competition, racing and breeding shows. Landsmót guests are an international crowd, and no where else can you meet such a group of Icelandic horse enthusiast.
All of Iceland's most influential breeders will be there along with the best riders in the country and a multitude of people who love to watch beautiful horses.

The board of Landsmót puts great emphasis on improving each show and one of the key factors is the flow of information to guests and the facilites on offer. A giant display screen, seating stands and daily newspapers are among some of the new things that have been offered at previous shows and the board aims to do even better.


Read more about Landsmót at www.landsmot.is/en  

Breeding shows

31 Jan-2 Feb 2020: FEIF Conference 2020
Hveragerði (IS)

11-15 Mar 2020: FEIF Breeding Judges Examination
Hólar (IS)

11-15 Mar 2020: FEIF International Breeding Judges Seminar 2020
Hólar (IS)

27-28 Mar 2020: Combined FEIF Sport Judges and Trainer/Instructor Seminar 2020
Reykjavík (IS)

2-5 Apr 2020: WorldRanking
Icehorse Festival Herning (DK)

18-19 Apr 2020: Breeding Ringmaster seminar 2020
Gardermoen (NO)

25 Apr 2020: WorldRanking
Qualitag St. Radegund (AT)

25-26 Apr 2020: WorldRanking
Dyrdilmyris Forårsstævne 2020 Helsinge (DK)

26 Apr 2020: WorldRanking
Qualitag St. Radegund (AT)

8-10 May 2020: WorldRanking
Kärntner Meisterschaften Leibsdorf (AT)

9 May 2020: WorldRanking
Guldsmedegårdens Drive-in WRL / DRL Tikøb (DK)

9 May 2020: WorldRanking
Qualifikationsturnier Sport A und FYC-Qualifikation Brunnadern (CH)

21-23 May 2020: WorldRanking
FYC-Qualifikationsturnier Osterfingen (CH)

22-24 May 2020: WorldRanking
Kostur Kristihimmelfartsstævne Holstebro (DK)

22-24 May 2020: WorldRanking
Österr. Jugendmeisterschaft, Oberösterr. Meisterschaft Andorf (AT)

22-24 May 2020: WorldRanking
Skeifa Svendborg ABD Stævne Svendborg (DK)

29 May-1 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Tvistur Pinsestævne Svenstrup (DK)

30 May-1 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Pinsestævnet / Sjællandsmesterskabet Helsinge (DK)

5-7 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Fynsmesterskab 2020 Odense (DK)

5-7 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Østjysk Mesterskab 2020 Rønde (DK)

12-14 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Aaros Gait Event Mårslet (DK)

12-14 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Österreichische Meisterschaften, Tiroler und Salzburger Landesmeisterschaft Strasswalchen (AT)

13 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Qualifikationsturnier Sport A Münsingen (CH)

14 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
FYC-Qualifikationsturnier Münsingen (CH)

25-28 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
Schweizermeisterschaften FYC Qualifikationsturnier Brunnadern (CH)

26-28 Jun 2020: WorldRanking
MEM Qualiturnier St. Radegund (AT)

30 Jun-5 Jul 2020: WorldRanking
DM i Sport og Gæðingakeppni 2020 Hedehusene (DK)

18-26 Jul 2020: FEIF YouthCup 2020
Vilhelmsborg (DK)

28 Jul-2 Aug 2020: Nordic Championships 2020
Norrköping (SE)

28 Jul-2 Aug 2020: WorldRanking
Nordic Championships 2020 Norrköping (SE) (NC)

30 Jul-2 Aug 2020: Mid-European Championships 2020
Wehrheim (DE)

30 Jul-2 Aug 2020: WorldRanking
Mid-European Championships 2020 Werheim (DE) (MC)

19-23 Aug 2020: FEIF Riders Camp at Fjellfestivalen 2020
Dalholen (NO)

28-30 Aug 2020: Sport Judges Exam 2020
Dahlenburg (DE)

4-6 Sep 2020: WorldRanking
Niederösterreichische Meisterschaften Langschwarza (AT)

12-13 Sep 2020: WorldRanking
Dyrdilmyris Åbne Klubmesterskab 2020 Helsinge (DK)

12-13 Sep 2020: WorldRanking
Snegla Open 2020 Holstebro (DK)

19-20 Sep 2020: WorldRanking
Basel Tölt Basel (CH)

25-27 Sep 2020: WorldRanking
Steirische und Burgenländische Meisterschaft Semriach (AT)

23-24 Oct 2020: FEIF Committee Meetings 2020

1-8 Aug 2021: World Championships 2021
Herning (DK)

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