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FEIF Board Meeting October 2015
At the board meeting beginning of October 2015 the FEIF Board met to prepare the committee meetings 2015, the conference in...

FEIF is looking for a new board member
FEIF FEIF is looking for an energetic and knowledgeable person to join the Board as Director for PR.

Clean World Championships 2015
FEIF Again our World Championships proved to be a clean sport event.

New Sport Judges
FEIF FEIF conducted an International Sport Judge License examination over the past two days.

FEIF virtual ride - Home to Hólar
FEIF It is not to late to join - or invite your friend to join - the virtual ride to next year´s Landsmót in Hólar.

Joint FEIF Education and Youth Seminar
FEIF Teaching the next Generation is the motto of the joint FEIF Education & Youth seminar for riding instructors and trainers at...

FEIF virtual ride: Home to Hólar
FEIF They come from all over the world and they want to get to Hólar in time for Landsmót 2016, and they will have a lot of fun...

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