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Joint Education-Youth Seminar programme online
What are young people up to with their horses? How can we support them, and ensure that their knowledge and understanding of...

Sport Judges committee meeting 2015
The Sport Judges Committee got together for a productive two-day meeting in Malmö along with the other FEIF working...

Youth committee meeting 2015
The main topics on the agenda of the FEIF Youth Committees were (a) working on new projects, and (b) the next FEIF Youth Cup...

Sport committee meeting 2015
The Sport Committee met for a very productive two-day session as part of the FEIF Committee Meetings in Malmö, Sweden...

Leisure Riding committee meeting 2015
During the committee meeting weekend in Malmö 2016 substantial progress was made in relation to the test of the ideal...

Education committee meeting 2015
The FEIF Education Committee met during the weekend in Malmö for a constructive working weekend focusing on several...

Breeding committees meeting 2015
The joint meeting of FEIF Breeding and Breeding Judge committee put main focus on future projects.

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