Welcome to our passion for the Icelandic horse
Welcome to our passion for the Icelandic horse
Thursday, April 24, 2014  | 
Mustad -- The hoofcare people.

World Championships 2013

The World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2013 took place August  4-11, 2013, in Berlin, capital of Germany.


World Champions


  Read also more at www.berlin2013.de.


MEM 2014 comes to Switzerland
For the first time, the Mid-European Championships (MEM) will take place in Switzerland at Reithof Neckertal in Brunnadern the site of...

WorldRanking: WR 1 Havnadalur in Tórshavn (FO) cancelled
The WorldRanking Event WR 1 Havnadalur, scheduled 25 April 2014, organised by Føroyskt Íslandsrossafelag in Tórshavn (FO) has been...

Guidelines App Updated
A new version of the Guidelines app is available on the Apple App store.

FEIF YouthCup trainers and judges
Preparation for the FEIF YouthCup (11th to 20th of July ) in Hólar/Iceland is growing and thriving.

Changes to prohibited equipment list for Sport competitions.
The Sport Committee has made two changes to the list of prohibited equipment.

Competition Shoeing Controls
Making sure our horses are properly shod is part of our duty as horsemen to protect the welfare of horses in competition.

International FEIF breeding judges met in Hólar
All active international FEIF breeding judges except one were able to attend the breeding judge seminar and meeting held at Hólar...

WorldRanking: Gerstorp / Framtid Regional WR tävling in Linköping (SE) cancelled
The WorldRanking Event Gerstorp / Framtid Regional WR tävling, scheduled 10-11 May 2014, organised by Framtid/Vreta årsk.

WorldRanking: Team No / Nóri Stævne in Holstebro (DK) cancelled
The WorldRanking Event Team No / Nóri Stævne organised by Team No in Holstebro (DK) has been cancelled.

FIPO rules 2014 available for IceTest
A new set of FIPO rules is available for users of IceTest.

FIPO 2014 and FIZO 2014 online
The 2014 Rules for Sport Events and the Rules for Icelandic Horse Breeding are online.
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