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Herning is nearly ready!
Members of the FEIF World Championships Committee toured the grounds in Herning with the leadership of the Organising...

World Championships 2015 - time schedule
FEIF The World Championships time schedule (July 28, 2015) can now be found on the FEIF Website.

Applications Being Accepted for the 2019 World Championships
FEIF The Board of FEIF invites for applications to organise the World Championships 2019.

FEIF Video Competition 2015
Over the last few months young people from all over the FEIF world have entered a competition to make a 5 minute video on...

Registration World Championships 2015 completed
The registration of teams for the World Championships 2015 in Herning (August 3-9) is completed.

Team Belgium - last team to register
FEIF And finally - Belgium registered as the last team.

Team Denmark
FEIF Denmark registered a full team including the Defending World Champion Julie Christiansen, 7 sport riders in the adult class,...

Team Netherlands
FEIF The Netherlands registered a rather small sport team with the Defending World Champion in Pace Test, 2 riders in the adult...

Team Sweden
FEIF Sweden registered the team for the World Championships with 3 defending World Champions, 7 adult class riders, 5 young...

Relay Ride 2015
On Saturday the 18th of July the World Championship Baton crossed the German-Danish Border.

Team Canada
FEIF Canada registered 2 sport riders and their horses for the World Championships.

Team Great Britain
FEIF Great Britain registered 7 sport riders and their horses, among them 1 Young Rider for the World Championships:

Team Germany
FEIF Germany registered a team of 18 sport riders and 6 breeding horses.

Team USA
FEIF The USA registered a sport team with two riders and in addition one reserve horse:
Chrissy Seipolt with...

FEIF virtual ride makes it to Herning
The beauty of a virtual ride is that it is virtual and so there is a lot of 'flexibility' with interpreting the results.

FEIF YouthCamp 2015 - report
The FEIF YouthCamp 2015 was hosted by Germany and run by Angela and Erec Huetter.

Team Iceland
FEIF Iceland will be represented with 17 participants in sport and 6 horses in the breeding show.

FEIF YouthCup 2016
The 2016 FEIF Youth Cup will be held from July 22-31 and will hosted by the Netherlands in the beautiful town of Exloo.

Team Switzerland
FEIF Switzerland will be represented by 17 participants in sport and 2 horses in breeding.

Team Faroe Islands
FEIF The Faroe Islands will be represented by two participants.

Team Austria
FEIF Austria will participate with 15 sport riders - among them 5 Young Riders and 3 reserve horses.

Team Norway
FEIF Norway will be represented by a full team of 17 sport riders, including 5 Young Riders, 4 reserve riders and the defending...

Team Finland
FEIF Finland will be represented by a team of 12 sport riders, including 4 Young Riders and 2 reserve riders and 1 breeding horse.

FEIF combined Education /Youth seminar - new date and venue
FEIF The seminar for instructors and others involved in developing young riders will now take place on Nov 27-29, 2015 at Gut...

Team France - first team registered
FEIF France is the first country to register their team for the World Championships 2015.

Stud farm show 2015
FEIF One of the breeding highlights at the World Championships 2015 in Herning will be the stud farm show.

Weather and World Championships 2015
FEIF FEIF and the Organizing Committee of the World Championships are keeping a close watch on the weather forecast for Herning.

Relay Ride 2015 towards Herning
On Friday June 19, 2015 the relay ride started from Berlin, Germany.

Countdown to the World Championships 2015 in Herning
It is an old tradition of the World Championships for Icelandic Horses to ride a relay ride from the most recent World...

Share the moment!
Participate in the big World Championships instagram photo competition! The best Icelandic horse related photo wins a week...

Watering guidelines
An interesting document was published on 'Practical Guidelines on the Watering of Equine Animals Transported by Road'.

VM2015 - World Championships 2015
The preliminary time schedule for a fantastic week in Herning is now online under

Sport Judges Test 2015
FEIF The test to become a FEIF Licensed Sport Judge or National Sport Judge will be organised from September 28-29, 2015 at...

European Horse Network (EHN)
At the latest meeting of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals the report 'EU Equine Welfare Report...

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